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On the road alone, the journey that makes you an adult

It is timeless, the charm of a road trip . But if we generally connect it to an experience among friends, it is to do it alone that can change your life.

A road trip puts you in touch with your deepest part, it allows you to be spontaneous, to satisfy your curiosity about the world. It is the journey of freedom par excellence , and if you do it alone even more: you can drive for an hour or a day, stop wherever you get your attention. At the end of the journey it will seem like you’ve grown up, and it will actually be like this.

Because traveling with friends is really fantastic, but there is a lot of freedom in traveling alone . There is even more freedom in planning a road trip alone. There is no need to agree with others for timetables, there is no difficulty in reaching the airport, the inconvenience of navigation, or understanding the local transport system. Instead, you can simply wake up, load your bags, get in the car and leave.

But why can a solo journey on the road make you an adult? First of all, for the freedom of choice : when you are on an open road, you have a whole series of possibilities before you. You choose where to stop, when to turn, where to go. Learn to take full control of your days, and therefore of your life. Every decision depends only on you and – make it by your own strength – allows you to increase confidence in yourself.

Moreover, it allows you to exercise your lateral thinking, engages you in seeking solutions to any unforeseen events that may occur to you. You could puncture, get stuck out of your car, run out of gas. If you are alone you cannot be discouraged, but you must necessarily strive to find a solution.

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