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The charm of the Arenzano lakes

A trek that is born by chance as an alternative to Sunday bathing routine and to adverse weather forecasts.

We start from Varazze by car with direction Cogoleto and then Arenzano (Ge), in the Beigua Park and the suggestive Val Leone. At the motorway exit, we turn right, towards the Colletta pass and shortly before towards Terralba, via Pecorara, up to the locality of Agueta, with a difference in height of 240 m. We park in a wide open space in front of a farmhouse that sells strawberries.

Here begins the journey with destination “Lakes of Tina”, I smile at the thought of this destination that evokes a phantom character, perhaps with homemade trattoria or referred to a tragic disaster happened to a “sciura” (from Milanese slang) not accustomed to walking and which now involuntarily forces us to retrace the places of his tragic departure.

We begin to advance in the woods by following the effective indications on wooden pallets that seem to push us towards the typical environments of the most famous fairy tales that have populated our childhood: loc. S.Anna, Negrone Bridge.

We are going to pass on some bridges that convey a sense of pleasure and amused curiosity while watching from above the river that flows between rocky agglomerates.

Continuing after about 2 km at the Gua Pass (348m), we come across different scenarios with beaten paths exposed to the sun on wide valleys, among which in the distance peeks the surface of the sea, surrounded by a haze that seems to preserve from stealthy looks its precious beauty.

Splendid views towards the Argentea mountain range and the underlying Val Lerone, crossed by the homonymous torrent, we pass alongside the “Cianella” shelter, continuing to “Ruggi”, the aqueduct area that supplies Arenzano, where two uneven bridges allow you to overcome the narrow valley of the Rio Leone (446m).

Some of us stop to observe the fragrant vegetation identifying its names and characteristics, but what compels us to a sort of mystical pause for reflection is a chestnut tree of 200 years, with a circumference of about 3.5 meters, near the Rio Colletti and rio Ramà. A couple of us approach and believe we have to embrace it in a sort of cosmic union that pertains to oriental philosophies and which gives us an amused little smile that we conceal so as not to be accused of gross coldness.

Lake Corlo in one day: what to see

The Lago del Corlo is an artificial basin located in the small municipality of Arsiè (BL). Formed by the barrier of the Cismon torrent and immersed in the mountains of Belluno, it was curiously nicknamed the “small Norwegian fjord”. Merit of its conformation, see to believe!In addition to the dam and the bell tower, one of the symbols is the Ponte della Vittoria(or the Corde). Its particularity lies in being supported by steel ropes.

This, together with the wooden flooring, causes a good swing. To go for an adrenaline rush, to avoid if you suffer from vertigo!Those who love walking can not miss the lakeside excursion. Starting from the hamlet of Rocca , this ring ride runs through the northern part of the Corlo (clockwise) and lasts about 3 hours.With a good difference in height, it guarantees ample views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. You cross small waterfalls and ancient uninhabited lands. Since some traits are quite impervious, we must pay attention.

In addition to the La Campagnola Park (equipped), one can stop at the Fortunato world . The bar is open from April to September, runs a small educational farm and has parking. Here there is no lack of artisanal bruschetta and ice cream (coming from the Gimmy Gelateria , Feltre). This is the idea of ​​the “copPetta”, designed specifically for dogs / cats. The ingredients? Yogurt, fresh fruit, dates and a little honey. Then there is a restaurant, that of the Hotel Al Parigi , which however has a more refined style.

However, the Lago del Corlo is suggestive even in other seasons. Change appearance, especially when it is wrapped in fog, but does not lose a shred of its magic. Guaranteed fairy tale atmosphere!

5 things to do absolutely in Capri

The charm of Capri is legendary: crystal blue waters lemon groves , small beaches overlooking the sea magical caves and traditional Mediterranean dishes are just some of the salient features of this island.

But having a few days available to visit it, what are the best activities to do and the most intriguing places to see? Here is our proposal with the 5 things to do absolutely in Capri, with tips on how to get there and where to eat in Capri .

How to get to Capri?

First of all, however, you need to know how to get to the wonderful island of Capri. We started from Bologna and arrived at the Naples station with the Italo train ; duration: 3 hours and a half.

From the station, then, you have to reach the Molo Beverello , from which ferries depart for the island of Capri. We suggest you take a taxi just outside the station, which takes you 10 minutes to the pier for a few euros.

From here, there are ships and ferries to Capri about every half hour . The ticket costs € 20 , and the crossing lasts 50 minutes . The ferry will leave you at the port of Marina Grande. From here you can then reach your hotel or apartment by taxi or bus.

The 5 things to do absolutely in Capri

The Monte Solaro is the highest point of Capri, with its nearly 600 meters. From here you can admire a wonderful view of the entire island. The only way to reach it is via the chairlift located in Anacapri .

The ascent / descent costs 11 € , and the journey takes 13 minutes , where you will find yourself ” flying ” among the blue sky of Capri. You will also pass over lemon groves, vineyards, prickly pears, and green expanses.

Once you get to the top, the show will be even more fascinating. You will be able to see the Faraglioni, the gulf of Naples and Salerno , immersed in the sea of ​​an intense blue color.

Bassano del Grappa: what to see in one day

“If you want to spend a nice day out of town you should go to Bassano Del Grappa” – many say – but why? For its enchanted atmosphere, for the views of a town that retains its soul of the country, for the museums, for the aromas of fresh bread and distilled in the streets of the center and why not, for a good glass of grappa.

Ponte Vecchio called Ponte degli Alpini or Ponte di Bassano

The symbol of this city is without a doubt the mythical bridge of the Alps and certainly is one of the first things to see in the city. The bridge has been entirely built in wood and offers spectacular views in every season of the year.

The views from the Bassano Bridge

Position yourself in the center of the Ponte Vecchio and look north where the view opens onto the Valsugana.  There, in this valley among the green mountains  flows the river Brenta with its crystal clear waters that bathe Bassano. The Valsugana connects Bassano Del Grappa to Trento, which lies to the north about 90 kilometers away. To the north-east, the Monte Grappa stands out among the Veneto pre-Alps, the scene of decisive battles during the First World War.

Looking south from the Bassano bridge, the river laps the historic houses that preserve the wounds caused by gunshots from the war as the waters flow towards the New Bridge between the green banks where ducks and swans wallow undisturbed.

Take a look even under the Ponte Vecchio , where many fish take advantage of the little current between the pylons of the bridge to rest a bit ‘and – if lucky – take advantage of the goodness of some tourist who feeds them throwing pieces of bread.

How to get to the -> Ponte di Bassano

If you want to take good pictures of the city I have a bit ‘of advice to give you, do not miss the article

The most beautiful viewpoints of Bassano del Grappa

Looking for the most beautiful viewpoints in Bassano del Grappa? You are in the right place. Fill your eyes with beautiful things is good for everyone and this is why I decided to share with you some tips and the map to find the sights of the city that will leave you speechless.

Whether you are a photographer or not, these are the unforgettable, romantic and beautiful places of Bassano del Grappa

For all things to see in the city I recommend -> What to see in Bassano Del Grappa in a day

View from the “secret street”

This is without a doubt one of the most romantic places in Bassano. It is located very close to the Ponte Vecchio, in the west part of the city. It is a small road that is located between the old houses adjacent to the west bridge along Via G. Volpato. The view here is characterized by the beautiful visit under the old bridge, a couple of meters from the old boat dock, still visible at the bottom of the river Brenta.

View from the Angarano beach 

If you continue along Via G.Volpato for about 300 meters to the west of the old bridge, you will end up in a very beautiful place where nature predominates the landscape. Here the river Brenta meets the first small dam composed of large stones, built to slow the flow of the river that can sometimes be very impetuous. Very nice game of water and the view on the old bridge located a few hundred meters away.

Marsala between land and sea

On the way, I spied Marsala out the window. At the Marsala lights of the Marsala street lamps, the Marsala buildings shone in all their marsala, and it was immediately evident that Marsala was the most beautiful place in the world. (Giuseppe Culicchia)
This is Marsala.
El Marsa Allah “which means” the port of God “.   For me, Marsala has been one of the most evocative corners of Sicily, where nature, architecture and taste for good food blend perfectly. I hope with this tour of beauties and goodness to make you breathe its magical and sparkling air.
There in the west, where Sicily ends, on a promontory exposed to the sea and the wind, rises the city that the Phoenicians called Lilybeo and that the Arabs wanted to rename Marsa Allah . Its historic center is full of art and history, you can visit the places related to the shipment of the thousand, the Cathedral, the museum of tapestries or simply get lost in the maze of its white streets and its surroundings include a series of fraziosi that are called “districts”.
In the lands around, far from the urban bustle, it produces a wine with an ancient and glorious history, with an unmistakable taste and scent: marsala.
The promenade , very beautiful for the many palm trees that follow one side and the other, will take you from one side to beaches or beaches and the other to the marina.
Inevitable, day and night, is the visit to the old fish market . The morning is still presented with the fresh fish stalls and sellers ready to fascinate you with their words and their merchandise, at nightfall turns into an area full of cafes where you can drink local beer and experience the beautiful Sicilian street food.
Finally, the city organizes, every month of the year, important events designed to satisfy every single request , from concerts to historical and archaeological itineraries, from exhibitions to art itineraries.

Varazze and its author’s notes

I remember that we came to Varazze (SV) for about fifteen days a year, staying in some pretty family-run hotel in the S.Nazario area, near the station and the church of the same name, with the gigantic courtyard of the multi-sport club where holds the Sea Festival every year .

The Festivals and Parties

A festival that for five days, in the month of August, brings together hundreds of people who blissfully dance the smooth Romagna, between intense smells of trenette with pesto, focaccette and fried fish at will.

This happens a few days after the anniversary of August 15th, with the solemn procession for the carruggi with the statue of the Assumption taken from the church dedicated to Her, where tens and tens of devotees are crowded, who gasp and praise the pleasure of Salvation .

Over the years I have always been fascinated by this sense of devotion that is perpetuated even for the Feast of St. Bartholomew in the Solaro district, recalling with the exposure of ancient goiters, the seafaring traditions of the locality. The many volunteers who take turns in these festivals and those who offer themselves as bearers of the very heavy crucifixes parading through the narrow streets are observed with great sense of emotional sharing, trying not to get stuck between worn shutters, wires of the current and linen laid out as in “Best” Neapolitan bass.

A beneficial air in the sultry summer periods is found in the beautiful walks along the Viale Europa or cycling on the fantastic cycle path that runs along rocky stretches overlooking the sea.

Romantic weekend in Venice

They say there is not a corner of Venice that has not been photographed or a part of the city that has not been described. A maze of alleys, streets and bridges to get lost. In the collective imagination, it is simply the city of love.

Taking advantage of a gift box we chose Venice as the destination for a romantic weekend with Smartbox .

The most romantic experience of Venice is certainly to be amazed, walking hand in hand through the narrow streets of a city whose elegance is so characteristic that it never fades, just like a rare but eternal love.

Step by step we let ourselves be transported by tourists who, like the current of a slow river, guided us to the “living room of Venice” commonly called Piazza San Marco. The warm air of a May morning, the clear sky and the wind in your hair accompanies the panorama that opens up and there, like a lady of the past, is the majestic Basilica of San Marco whose beauty is comparable only to a strong, tender hug.

We continue along the sea along Riva degli Schiavoni, where moored gondolas, like timid dancers, are cradled by the gentle waves of a peaceful Adriatic. In a few steps we arrive at the Ponte della Paglia and looking to the north there it is, the Bridge of Sighs, according to all the most romantic place in Venice.

Wonder and amazement here go hand in hand with the love that is perceived in every inch of air, immortalized by hundreds of couples of all ages in search of the perfect shot.

But Venice is not just where all tourists go. It is lost in the labyrinth of narrow streets, canals and bridges, where the true magic of the city emerges. Roads similar to each other but completely different, guardians of an original beauty flooded by the smell of salt from the nearby canals where a different life flows, the life of the real Venetians, life in a boat.

When the lights of the day give way to those warm in the evening and the street lamps light up,   the atmosphere becomes even more surreal and you are immersed in past and present, between myth and reality.

And if we talk about magic, a dinner with a splendid view is all that you could wish for. Not all restaurants in Venice are tourist traps, just knowing how to choose. We find the right restaurant, not one of many but the perfect one for us. We sit in a balcony of white marble that protrudes over the canal, at the center table a red rose accompanied by the flickering light of a candle. Here comes the wine, a toast in Venice and another to us.

Venice after ten o’clock has put almost all the tourists to bed and while we head to our hotel we remain silent and listen to it while we are floating on the wings of freedom. From the balcony of our romantic room we watch the slow movement of the boats that sail in the canal without haste, with sweetness. We lie down in bed and start dreaming again, this time with our eyes closed.