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The 5 people you never want to meet in flight

There are individuals who, unfortunately, should be aware that when they get on a plane they are not really very pleasant. This is probably also true in all other areas of life but we know, when it is in flight, on a medium whose space is very narrow, some are even more unbearable. Here are the five people that nobody would ever want to meet in flight.

The anxious
The fear of taking a plane is understandable, God forbid. But seeing the person next to us go into hyperventilation at the time of take-off is not the best. Especially if this starts to say “oh God but it’s normal that the plane does this, but do you think this noise is worrying?” Every three seconds. And it will continue like this, for the whole duration of the trip .

The glutton
Cheers good food, cheers who cares about the line and you take ice cream when you like. But hearing your neighbor who is crunching chips and eating cookies for three hours is absolutely annoying. Especially because, due to limited space, the crumbs will inevitably end up on you too. The most unbearable thing about the glutton? It offers you nothing.

The logorroico
You didn’t even sit down who already showed up. You maybe wanted to make the trip by air in peace, reading a book or listening to music, but no . You can’t because he is the talkative, which must necessarily tell you all his life. Of which nothing matters to you at all. Enjoy.

The plaintive
Nothing suits him. He complains about everything: uncomfortable seats, service, turbulence, pressure, of you touching his arm with yours , of crying children, of hunger, of thirst, of the one in front who has the seat inclined by one millimeter, of the bathroom, of the red signal, of the delay, of the advance, of the hatbox … and whatever else exists in the world. It will not help to remind him that he is on a low-cost flight , he will still find fault.

The engaged couple
This is the category to be avoided if you are a cynical person, allergic to the exposure of emotions in public and – above all – single (maybe recently). There are two types of boyfriends : those who fight all the time and those who fill up with basins, caresses and complimentini for three hours. And of course the language they speak only includes words that end in –ini . You will want to jump off the plane, but you won’t be able to. You can only hope that karma takes its course and that sooner or later they will leave. So, for pique.

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