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Varazze and its author’s notes

I remember that we came to Varazze (SV) for about fifteen days a year, staying in some pretty family-run hotel in the S.Nazario area, near the station and the church of the same name, with the gigantic courtyard of the multi-sport club where holds the Sea Festival every year .

The Festivals and Parties

A festival that for five days, in the month of August, brings together hundreds of people who blissfully dance the smooth Romagna, between intense smells of trenette with pesto, focaccette and fried fish at will.

This happens a few days after the anniversary of August 15th, with the solemn procession for the carruggi with the statue of the Assumption taken from the church dedicated to Her, where tens and tens of devotees are crowded, who gasp and praise the pleasure of Salvation .

Over the years I have always been fascinated by this sense of devotion that is perpetuated even for the Feast of St. Bartholomew in the Solaro district, recalling with the exposure of ancient goiters, the seafaring traditions of the locality. The many volunteers who take turns in these festivals and those who offer themselves as bearers of the very heavy crucifixes parading through the narrow streets are observed with great sense of emotional sharing, trying not to get stuck between worn shutters, wires of the current and linen laid out as in “Best” Neapolitan bass.

A beneficial air in the sultry summer periods is found in the beautiful walks along the Viale Europa or cycling on the fantastic cycle path that runs along rocky stretches overlooking the sea.

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