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How to Choose Best Restaurants when Traveling to Florida

Florida is a diners’ top pick with a miscellany of culinary specials ranging from steakhouse food to seafood. The small towns in Florida welcome foodies with local to the country’s delight. They are tantalized with cuisines like Cuban, Mexican, Italian, Columbian, Chinese, and Indian. They may select best restaurants in Florida while traveling considering factors such as availability, location, search results, and ranking. Here is a handpicked list of some best ones based on the popularity, preference, and ratings.

Salento Steakhouse

This is the best steakhouse Jacksonville Fl restaurant. If you are looking for Columbian specials, step into this rustic but chic restaurant that offers comfortable dining. You may call on, book online, or come here to select from the menu of seasonal and daily items. Take your time to enjoy plates of arepas, bandeja paisa, ajiaco, and steak. As the atmosphere is quaint, refresh with best traditional appetizers and hot or cool beverage.


Want to grab dishes with a fusion of Caribbean, African, American, and Asian flavors in fine dining? Located in Orlando, it is the perfect spot to get the best of seafood, shrimps, conch, and Havana pork. The interior of the restaurant beckons with cozy chairs and elegant setting. It would be pleasant to eat in a porch with the breeze from lush gardens.

Brick & Mortar

It is a rustic looking new restaurant in St Petersburg, Tampa, offering a variety of seafood items. Relax in a homey diner to gobble lamb shank, ribs, scallops, and burgers. This is a nice place to dine out with friends and arrange for parties. You may get craft beers in addition to an exotic list of wines and cocktails.

Up the Creek Raw Bar

Best known for oysters, it is a restaurant located in the small town of Apalachicola. The restaurant boasts an inner dining room and an open-air dining in a patio. The lunch menu shows shrimp, chicken tender basket, mussels, and clams. When dining in the patio, just relax at your comfort table and look till the horizon to snap panoramic views of the beach.

Ocean Breeze

It is a respite to spend time and soak up with the cool atmosphere in seashore. Why not grab grill recipes and mellow under beach huts? Hit this restaurant in New Smyrna Beach. Grab a table a little earlier to stay away from the crowd. Take baskets of shrimp, pork tacos, and grilled chicken. Enjoy this cozy but casual atmosphere and listen to eclectic music played by different bands.

Harpoon Harry’s

Planning to take breakfast or lunch in a cheap but best restaurant? This is a favorite pick in Key West for gourmets and picky eaters alike. Though with a traditional setup, the job is done with the good ambience and varieties. This American cuisine is also vegetarian and vegan friendly with astounding menu items. Breakfast specials are sausage gravy, florentine, waffles, and French toast. You will see toasts served at your table with home fries or grit, bacon, or sausage or ham. The lunch menu showcases calamari, frog legs, conch fritters, hush puppies, and oysters Rockfeller.

Whether you go for street restaurants or hip restaurants in Florida, you would appreciate that they maintain culinary trends.

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